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Legend of TerraEarth (The)

I dun think this has anything to do with the game...
A demo of the turn-based fighting engine of the upcoming D-Mod Legend of TerraEarth. No plot or quests to do, just areas to test out the engine.

*Best download of november 2001*
Released:May 5th, 2002
File Size:2.34 MB
Release Notes:Demo 2
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May 9th, 2002
Demo 2
Score : 4.0 tolerable
This is the second version of the demo of the mixed fighting engine of Christiaan's upcoming D-Mod Legend of TerraEarth. It does improve in several aspects from the previous version, but I do hope it can really achieve what Christiaan claimed in the info.txt.
There are a few new graphics and tiles. They are basically nice, but just an OK.
The music is good, and some of the new sound is great. The "'We are loading and you are waiting" sound is funny at first, but quite annoying since Christiaan put it in the savebot script. Every time you walk in the screen with a save machine, you would hear the annoy loading sound.
Since the fighting engine is a mix of real time and turn-based, there is really no need to use another screen for the fight like Red Shield. Otherwise Christiaan needs to write different script for every single monster, and use at least twice as large for the map. Again, the monsters did not chase after Dink. They just wondered around.
Although Christiaan claimed the mixed fighting engine can be a tactical combat system, it does not show in the demo. Because the monsters will cast spells on Dink no matter where Dink is. You can have one or two useful retreat if the monster did not cast a spell, but in the end, you will be hit by a 500 Power bite or something else similar.
If Dink cannot get a lot of friends fighting along with him, there would be no way to fight more than one monster in a screen. The battle is too long. Just image to kill a lowly pillbug. You need to slash it first to initiate the fight, then wait for a new screen to load, then wait for the "your turn" to show up, then walk up to the pillbug again to attack it. If Dink is not strong enough to finish the pillbug in round one, you need to wait another 5 second for pillbug's turn, and then finish off the little guy. How fun is that? Using say_stop for "your turn" and "monster's turn" makes 5 seconds last much longer than it should be.
Some bugs. The fireball does not fly as it should be, and the targeting is bad. The firewall looks bad, and useless. The final master would leave a bomb on the ground (not the first one) and it would stay there. Attack graphics of the skelton does not work. If somebody uses cheat and Dink has more than 500 hp, the fighting would go back to normal fight if the monster does not kill Dink with the last power blow.
There are a lot of possibilities in this kind of fighting system, but this demo does not do a good job.