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October 2nd 2017, 04:43 PM
Would definitely like to see the review system stay. Leave that as the only way to rate a D-Mod with a number. I wouldn't mind a "Thumbs up/ Like" system but a "Thumbs down" system might be discouraging to D-Mod makers. Thumbs up shouldn't effect the review score of the Mod though.

Having a "system" to automatically determine whether a D-Mod is a Romp, Quest, Epic etc. is risky and could also be abused. Someone could fill up there maps with nothing and add a bunch of copies of scripts (maybe change one line) just so they meet the criteria for a higher length adventure. Sounds like an awful lot of work for a system that won't really do much. I think it's fine how it is, even if you'll occasionally get people who label their romps as an epic. If anything, to show length you could do something like GameFAQs does and just make it so that when you review the D-Mod you can also input how much time it took you to finish. Then just show an average time of all the people who played the game along with the score.

I like the categories system, and definitely am down with it being expanded too. Rather than user-submitted tags I'd rather see more presets so that you can sort D-Mods by tag.

Besides that, everything sounds good!