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September 5th 2017, 01:47 AM
1) I'd say keep them, as mentioned by kerrek & RangerLord they a) give a general idea of length and b) are a part of the heritage, it would be sad to lose them entirely.
A reevaluation would be best I guess though not sure how to accomplish that for all D-Mods. If only done for some it wouldn't help much overall.
How could staff approved tags work without staff having to play the entire D-Mod before approving?

2) yeah!

3) I'd vote for supplement rather than replace. Perhaps that could replace the overall D-Mod score but reviews should stay as they are, with the scoring seperate? Or perhaps you could merge the two systems somehow with your fancy algorithm

4) yeah! general, though this can be hard to tell for certain. I guess the status of most would be "unknown, probably ok".

5) yeah! I never really see it though as I always come straight to the forum (which is great and shouldn't be changed )

6) yeah!

7) yeah!

8) yeah!

9) yeah! Not 100% sure of the point but why not.

Can't think of any other suggestions offhand. Didn't we have a thread about this a while ago?