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September 4th 2017, 09:46 PM
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Over the next couple months, I'd like to fix up some things around here. Here's my wishlist; feel free to reply with 'yeah!', 'oh no', or 'hey what about this'. Note that none of this is set in stone, and is subject to change.

In no particular order:

1) It seems like D-Mod categories (Epic, Quest, Romp, Demo) don't have much value. May eliminate these (or maybe reevaluate)? Maybe user-submitted tags that staff have to approve?

2) Add ability to classify a D-Mod as 'mature', and make this status visible to users. (Done)

3) Replace (or supplement) review system with 'thumbs up' / 'thumbs down', potentially allowing anonymous voting. Use fancy algorithm so it takes into account low votes = lower average. Maybe move reviews to forum discussion posts.

4) Add compatibility information (v1.08, Freedink, Dink HD) to D-Mods.

5) Update the main entry page to look nicer.

6) Make it very obvious how to play the game for most people (install v1.08, then copy freedink into that folder) (Edit: If DinkHD has better backwards compatibility; emphasis it over v1.08)

7) Add better support for animated screenshots, like this one (right now TDN will create a non-animated preview image unless someone tinkers with the files directly). (Done)

8) Fix weird Chrome XSS error when post something to the forum.

9) Move to HTTPS. This kind-of works now, but style sheets are messed up.

10) Add support for seeing download counts.