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July 26th 2016, 12:46 PM
Peasant Male bloop
I'm here, just hidden in the shadows. 
Okay, I found some weird things:
After the meeting at the village square, the screen fades. Now, at that point - Chris can still move. When the screen returns to normal (after narration), the character will freeze (as it's supposed to be). Not game breaking, but weird.
Also, after the fight - I feel Knightley should say something. It just feels like a plothole.
When I try to enter the house of Pete and John, Chris says it's locked.
That would be fine, but the character just gets stuck in a walking cycle and I can't move.
When I enter the tavern, I lose some of the health.
But the problem is, I tried what would happen if I enter-exit several times without drinking. Well, death. Is that supposed to happen?
As for the FreeDink issue with defeating the spikes: this is very strange - when I play it with the most recently (2 years ago may be not too recent) released version, I indeed can't pass the spikes. But when I use the development version (1 year old) it works fine. It seems to be a bug in the current release of FreeDink. I didn't notice any notable problems in the fire village.