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May 11th 2015, 08:51 PM
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The entire Sly Cooper series has plenty to do. Each mission is it's own unique thing. Even the repeated ones such as the rail shooter missions have differences such as different attacks to have to deal with and they're spread out enough to not become stale. Plus, each stage has several things to collect to unlock various things especially in 4 where there's a hell of a lot more you need to collect.

If you like to spend hours upon hours to earn something really good, the Final fantasy series has a lot of things where you have to destroy a miniboss to acquire an ultimate weapon, or you might have to make your way into an optional dungeon to unlock a class or do terrible chocobo racing in X to be able to get one of the things you need for Tidus's Caladbolg which I do not recommend you do. And there's Gold Saucer.

The original Spyro games on PS1 have a lot to do as well. Like Sly, the levels have a lot of variety to them. Not as much in the first game, but the second one introduces missions you will need to finish to earn eggs or orbs.

The Saints Row games have tons of variety too. You can customize a ducking bus to look like a rainbow rectangle and go into a virtual world where you become a toilet. The side missions too offer a lot. In Saints Row 2, there is a mission where you must spray diarrhea on buildings. Just...mix my points from other games, pretty much.

Skyrim has random quests with piss poor rewards and a world you cannot affect. The only thing you do is prevent the big bad from eating the world which he probably couldn't do anyways since he is the same size, looks the same as any other dragon, and does the exact same stuff the others do. It's like it was a big hoax set up by the Daedra because they were bored. Skyrim may technically have a lot to do (lots of generic sidequests for a handful of coins), but there is no variety whatsoever, so I can't honestly say it has a lot to do. I guess I can say it has a lot of the same thing to do, but even that doesn't feel right.