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May 11th 2015, 07:41 PM
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Yes, I have played Skyrim. It sucks so bad.

The "not much to do" easily applies. First, there's the guild quest lines. They're short, give little to no reward, and doesn't affect the world. The main quest is bland, has no originality, and forces you to succumb to a boring prophecy that...doesn't affect the world either. The sidequests are randomly generated to be one of the following -

-Kill <x> in <y cave>
-Get this item

The dungeons aren't worth raiding. At most, the "treasure" will be a handful of coins or a useless potion like "Potion of Resist Fire" or some crap.

Now let's talk smithing. It all boils down to buying the same materials over and over again to craft the easiest thing you can to spam levels to make that overly heavy armour you think will help that will probably just make combat even worse. That's pretty much it too.

Or is there a game in here that I'm missing? I just see a bunch of bland adventurer chores.