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October 24th 2014, 07:04 PM
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I don't think there's even much difference. It's pretty much a 16.9 version with all the DLC, isn't it?

There's no DLC for Baldur's Gate save the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. (Durlag's Tower, werewolf island, scimitars and a larger level cap is mostly everything it adds)

I dunno if the EE is bad enough to ruin the experience for a first timer, but all the changes they did sound like things that would just make the game worse. The "Enhanced" Edition uses the BG2 engine, which means that graphics are uglier (especially the character sprites, and 'paper dolls', ie. the pictures of your character on the inventory screen), some functionality is lost (such as clicking NPCs multiple times to get funny comments out of them, the same way as in WarCraft 2 for example), and all balance is screwed with the inclusion of dual-wielding and prestige classes from BG2. (Level 1 monk = shit shit shit) They also probably removed the level caps, so that you will become a godlike power machine halfway through the game and the rest is a complete bore. They added a couple of poorly written NPC followers / romance partners, and a new hack'n'slash dungeon that you can only access from the title screen or something.

I haven't played the Enhanced Edition myself, and never will. However, I have a strong suspicion that watching these two videos one after the other is a perfect analog for what was done to the whole game:

Original Baldur's Gate intro
"Enhanced" Edition intro

I don't get immersed in most games, least of which, RPGs which are usually rather bland with boring lore.

Right, so you don't really like RPGs in general. That puts your outrageous, foolish, unreasonable and incredibly wrong claim that Baldur's Gate is not a masterpiece into a slightly more fathomable perspective.

But the game can randomly push you into encounters with extremely powerful bandits just by travelling. That's just punishing you for trying to lessen boring walking.

Sure, the hordes of bow-using bandits can decimate your party in the beginning, but you can always just flee from those encounters.

What Helmed Horrors?

If they're not there, that's probably just another change for the worse by the EE.

...what quests?

Lots of quests and things to see and do in each section of the city. Just look at the map: Baldur's Gate Docks