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October 24th 2014, 04:06 PM
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I have the enhanced edition on Steam and played a game with another who is into D&D as well and we both despised it.

That sounds like your first mistake, to be honest. From everything I've seen, the Enhanced Edition is trash. The only reason it's gotten decent scores on review sites is because the reviewer morons reviewed Baldur's Gate, not the "enhanced" edition of it.

Also, playing a CRPG with a friend? That's the surest way to kill all immersion, in my experience, and your example of finding being chased around a table (and presumably laughing about it with your friend) the funniest part reinforces that. It sounds to me like some crappy MMORPG would be more your speed.

I mean, it was funny when my team mate was being chased around a table by some dude and then I walked into the building, scored a crit, and made him splatter, but that's pretty much it. After that, we were being screwed over by travelling launching us into unwinnable fights with bandits, getting jumped by hordes of enemies in a dungeon when trying to rest, and getting cheaply poisoned by some particularly nasty spiders.

That's the old school experience. The game doesn't cradle you like an imbecilic baby; you might actually run into enemies that you can't defeat yet. Especially if you just set off wandering around the map as soon as the intro finishes and expect the encounters to scale to your level. Baldur's Gate isn't even particularly difficult - the first Fallout is probably tougher in that regard, for example.

Then we got a a tower full of traps and got sick of all the spells that basically removed our ability to play the game.

Durlag's Tower? Again, not the kind of place you should be exploring shortly after starting the game. Not sure how you even got past the Helmed Horrors acting as gate guardians.

We got to Baldur's Gate...and boy, was it boring. Nothing to do, confusing city, let-down merchants. Bah. Not a good game.

I didn't particularly like the city and wandering around and trying to find places either, but nothing to do? The city is choked full of quests and even lots of fights and monsters to kill.

In case you are wondering or even give a shit, I've also played Neverwinter Nights which sucks,

Okay, on that I completely agree. It's a ducking MMORPG without actually being an MMORPG, and as such it's just a big, empty, dead world.

I've played Planescape: Torment which should had only been a proper novel in the first place (I know they wrote one later which was just the dialogue from the game crunched together), and maybe one other but maybe not.

I think you probably just don't like RPGs. Planescape: Torment has some serious issues (such as the pacing: you spend 10 hours straight just speaking to random people, then 5 hours straight fighting things), but the game world, the characters? It's a wonderful thing in some ways.

I'm actually curious if you've played Fallout 1, or Arcanum, and if you hated those games too?