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October 1st 2014, 07:54 AM
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If you mean that the Baldur's Gate series also includes a bunch of other shit, then I whole-heartedly agree. If, however, you are implying that the original two are not some of the most magnificient RPGs of all time, then BOO! Go for the eyes!

I have the enhanced edition on Steam and played a game with another who is into D&D as well and we both despised it. Not only does it not play like a D&D game (there really needs to be what is basically Tabletop Simulator, which is amazing, but solely dedicated to D&D with all the edition books you could want up to a certain period where Wizards of the Coast really won't care if you have everything that easily accessible), but even if it didn't have the D&D name slapped onto it, it's still suck.

I mean, it was funny when my team mate was being chased around a table by some dude and then I walked into the building, scored a crit, and made him splatter, but that's pretty much it. After that, we were being screwed over by travelling launching us into unwinnable fights with bandits, getting jumped by hordes of enemies in a dungeon when trying to rest, and getting cheaply poisoned by some particularly nasty spiders.

Then we got a a tower full of traps and got sick of all the spells that basically removed our ability to play the game. We got to Baldur's Gate...and boy, was it boring. Nothing to do, confusing city, let-down merchants. Bah. Not a good game.

In case you are wondering or even give a shit, I've also played Neverwinter Nights which sucks, Neverwinter which sucks and it not D&D in the slightest (take a first level halfling ranger and give him Kratos speed and strikes dealing hundreds of damage...), I've played Planescape: Torment which should had only been a proper novel in the first place (I know they wrote one later which was just the dialogue from the game crunched together), and maybe one other but maybe not.

I have not played Baldur's Gate 2. I do not believe there has been a D&D video game that is faithful to the source material and fun and engaging at the same time. Or with a proper battle system.

All though, I do like getting Mazed.

Oh, and here is my current character, who is currently on sabbatical, if you wish to hire him for a quest. My price is 10,000 gold pieces.

...actually, a play by post or some other system would be cool among Dinkers. Hmm. Someone throw that together. Maybe I'll join in if you let me.