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October 1st 2014, 04:59 AM
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I don't need to play FF13 to know that a series of hallways is not how you make an RPG.

The guys over at Squeenix seem to think so and have explicitly said that you can't tell a good story if the players have too much freedom...oh, and the story is in fact, not good, KrisKnox. It's about a group of unlikable anime stereotypes who are chosen by a vague divine creature to fulfill a task. What orders does it give them? Nothing. Instead, it gives them unclear visions of Ragnarok. So, as Spoony points out - "It could range from assassinating the president to covering his car in blueberry waffles" or something along those lines. So, it turns out some Pope guy or whatever named Barthandelus wants them to beat up some other vague divine monster called Orphan so the world will die. The heroes do it knowing full well that it will destroy the world.

And the lore is spread out in text logs you unlock during the course of the hallway. What a way to tell a bad story. So in conclusion, the story is written without any semblance of coherent structure, if you want to learn things, there's no useful exposition (no audience proxy anyways for the player to relate to), and you need to read the Wiki to understand or spoil the entire story in some way like I did.

And don't forget - the Fal'cie can talk...but the one who gives the heroes their quest decides not to in order to drag out the story even further for no reason.

...and orphan talks like a pretentious jerk to sound all mystical and powerful when he's a clock with a stupid high pitched voice after beating p his first form.

And Lightning is a horrible, forced character.

Sazh is cool, though. Comic relief done well, strangely.