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June 1st 2014, 06:59 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
"...the DMOD (main game) has already had more than 100 map screens. Almost every screen is very different and detailed. More than 50 scripts were finished. There have been more than 250 new graphics files already."

Ouch... Always sad if something big isn't getting the release it deserves. All that work, and nobody to see it. Not even in the big DMOD write-up...

And the news archive only goes back to december 2001, if you can't find it in the news archive there is a good chance that the DMOD is from before december 2001. Also the DMOD.diz mentions 2001 as the release year and the readme mentiones august 29th 2001 as the day the readme was written. So, I would think 2001 is more likely...

But, as I've said before I'm very, very impressed at the amount of release-dates you did manage to find.