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May 24th 2014, 03:59 PM
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A mother ducking wizard 
Your 'reviews'/recollections/whathaveyous are my favorite thing. The amount of effort that you put into them is evident, and I hope you continue writing them.

By the way - I read through your response to EOT2, and I didn't remember making the mini pillbug maze so horrible. I tried to look at the source (and it turns out I compiled the scripts to .d format, and I can't find my .d decompiler anymore), so I actually played through it and confirmed that, yes, it is horrible.

I thought I just made it so the tiny pillbugs appeared 'squashed' as the Dink stepped on them, and that they shouldn't cause damage. Maybe v1.08 introduced a glitch (or fix?) where monsters can always cause touch damage even if Dink has high defense? Or maybe I am forgetfully evil.