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April 30th 2014, 06:39 PM
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Can't read this one, cause I've a certain project with AGAE going currently, that I think reading this would kinda ruin. But I will say though, I constantly continue being astonished at how much people seem to like AGAE. Personally, I think it's pretty awful for an Epic. If it was released in 1998, I'd maybe be willing to accept all of its flaws, but it came after SoB and FIAT. The map is horrible, with way too many trees scattered all across, while details on tiling are skipped whenever possible, which creates an ugly as sin background on most screens. There seem to be a lot of little errors scattered around the map too. And this is what people seem to praise about the D-Mod most. Furthermore, the gameplay has seemed very easy as far as I've played it, and rather random and unappealing, and it has a lot of bugs. The little story that there exists seems rather uninteresting, and really can't grasp my attention. It just seems you're running to random places whenever you please, with Dink sometimes talking about things you never even knew about. I especially remember a moment where Dink suddenly had a huge craving to find and go to "underground caves and dungeons" without me even realizing why. And then I realized there didn't seem to be reason to this at all. Just purely random. The map seems to be somewhat hard to navigate at times too, and there are moments where I've had no idea where to go or what to do, and can't seem to progress any further. Overall, in my opinion, the D-Mod is just one big mess with really random things going on. I can play it with the project I've currently going on, but as a D-Mod itself, I find it very unappealing and hard to keep playing. Not as much as Parizaya, though.

Dunno if you said any of that in your write-up, as I didn't read it. I will though, as soon as I'm done with my project with the game.