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February 25th 2010, 09:10 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
This is my thread for Dmod Creation tutorials. These tutorials will teach you the basics of Dmod creation. They are sesigned for beginners, but intermediate and advanced users may still find certain tutorials helpful.

Tutorials are made in numerical order, and throughout the tutorials we will be creating and using an example Dmod to learn the concept of Dmod creation. If you have watched a tutorial and you still don't fully understand something, send me a private message, make a post below, or make a thread on the forum asking for help.

I'll be updating the list below whenever I make a new tutorial.

Here is a link to the playlist containing the basic tutorials in order(or you can access them from the list below), more videos will be added to the playlist as they are created: Dmod Creation Tutorials playlist

There is also a list of miscelleanous, standalone and extra tutorials that are not part of the basic tutorial list that will show helpful stuff. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for that, or view the playlist here:
Other Tutorials

Windinkedit Plus Basics
-Tutorial #1 - Installing and brief runover of Windinkedit
-Tutorial #2 - Creating a new Dmod and placing tiles
-Tutorial #3 - Placing Sprites: Basics
-Tutorial #4 - Placing Sprites: People
-Tutorial #5 - Placing Sprites: Depth Que
-Tutorial #6 - Rooms
-Tutorial #7 - Warps
-Tutorial #8 - Clipping and Screenmatch
-Tutorial #9 - Hardness
-Tutorial #10 - Hardness Again
-Tutorial #11 - Sprite Library
-Tutorial #12 - Midi # and 'Inside' screens

Graphics and Dink ini
-Tutorial #13 - Depth dot and Hard box
-Tutorial #14 - Set Sprite Info
-Tutorial #15 - Adding Graphics
-Tutorial #16 - Extra Parameters
-Tutorial #17 - 'Set Frame' Lines

Introduction to scripting
-Tutorial #18 - Introduction and Getting Ready for Scripting
-Tutorial #19 - Attaching a Script to a Sprite
-Tutorial #20 - Basic Scripting: Simple Conversation Part 1
-Tutorial #21 - Basic Scripting: Simple Conversation Part 2
-Tutorial #22 - Basic Scripting: Another Conversation Example
-Tutorial #23 - Basic Scripting: Color Codes
-Tutorial #24 - Basic Scripting: Choice Menus
-Tutorial #25 - Basic Scripting: Procedures
-Tutorial #26 - Basic Scripting: Comments

-Tutorial #27 - Global Variables
-Tutorial #28 - More On Global Variables
-Tutorial #29 - Retrieving Values
-Tutorial #30 - Local Variables
-Tutorial #31 - Setting Editor Type Values
-Tutorial #32 - Required Globals
-Tutorial #33 - Pseudo Variables
-Tutorial #34 - Special Variables

Sounds & Midis
-Tutorial #35 - Playing and Modifying Sounds
-Tutorial #36 - Attack Hit Sound
-Tutorial #37 - Custom Sounds
-Tutorial #38 - Scripting midis

Default 'start' Scripts
-Tutorial #39 - 'Start.c' Script
-Tutorial #40 - 'Start-#' Scripts

Common in Dmodding
-Tutorial #41 - Fixing Some Bugs(the importance of testing)
-Tutorial #42 - Visions
-Tutorial #43 - Script For Easier Testing
-Tutorial #44 - Borders and Surroundings


Other standalone tutorials
This is a list of stand alone tutorials that either weren't made in the list above, or will cover other advanced or requested dmod creation techniques.
-Installing Dink Smallwood, FreeDink & Dfarc 3