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Reply to Re: bug report: memory problem with freedink on linux

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January 14th 2010, 01:51 AM
Peasant Male Australia
I get it too with 1.08.20090918, Ubuntu 9.10, a gig of RAM and a couple gigs or so of swap. Same [FATAL] line & same place. I don't get the [ERROR] line (or didn't find it, it wasn't directly above anyway).

I poked around and it crashes with this line in HealthRed.c:


It looks to be the first call of sp_custom.

I tried to run mousedink to see if sp_custom was broken and it crashes now too (immediately upon pressing the start button, apparently on the first sp_custom), with the same error:

[FATAL] sp_custom: Not enough memory to add value 'text'
[info ] Shutting down CD stuff.
[debug] Killed script c-load. (num 1)
[debug] Kill_all_callbacks just killed 1 for script 2
[debug] Killed script c-main. (num 2)
[debug] Killed script pushable. (num 3)
[debug] Killed script c-main. (num 4)
[debug] Killed script c-cd. (num 5)

So I think sp_custom is broken somehow..