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The Legend of the Dink II - The Ancient Book: Walkthrough

Legend of the Dink II (The) - The Ancient Book

June 16th 2007, 11:29 AM
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
_________The Legend of the Dink 2_________
______________The Ancient Book____________

You first start in a screen which really isn't a temple. Follow the forest to the east untill you'll find a village. Talk to those guards in the tower. You can talk to everyone here now. Go to the weapon shop keeper who's sick. Go to the hut next to the tower and ask the armoured guy to give you... ah, find it out yourself. Now, go back to the shop keeper, and talk to him. You'll get a sword. Go talk to that armoured guy again. Take every option. NOTE: You can find his log. (Or whatever it's name was. I can't remember). Now, try to leave this village. WTF!? The road is blocket. Lol! Now, go back to the village and to wizard's house. Tell him about the road blocket. He will help you, if you find his magic coin. The coin is in the forest's most South-west screen. When you've found it, get back to the wizard. Go one screen down from wizard's house. Enter. Go east untill you'll see another cave. Follow the road into another town. Here aswell isn't much to do. Lol! Ya lazy GOKUSSJ6! Couldn't even make the doors open. Now, leave the town from north gate. Follow the road untill... WTF!? The bridge is destroyed!! Arh! Back to town. Go to inn. Talk to the keeper. Then, talk to the wizard. Go back to river. And follow all the LONG way it untill it ends. Go down the stairs, that are behind some bushes. Follow the cave untill you'll come out from the another side of it. Now, go east all the LONG way again. Go up untill you'll find the Temple of the Ancients. NOTE: Before the Temple, in some screen there are some hidden stairs. Go down them, and crab the stuff. Now, up, and you'll see a big fat head. Go right one screen, and read the letter. Go back out, and follow the road to the river. Go, again the LOOONG way to the left. Wake me when you're there, okay? Zzzzz... Talk to the priest of the Temple of the Ancients. Go back to the big fat head, which isn't there anymore. Go down the stairs. Now, there are some freaking Ghosts. They are easy, if you've found the secret and you're atleast at Level 4. Follow the route to another stair case. Now SAVE!! That's an order!! Go down. Watch the cut-scene. Prepare to fight the one, the only!! Bishop Nelson!! !! !! !! Now, kill the Ghosts first, then Nelson. After that, Nelson takes his Stone Giant form, and fights again. After you've killed Bishop, and watched the cut-scene, you've finished The Legend of the Dink II - The Ancient Book. Gongratulations!! You won!!

June 17th 2007, 06:33 AM
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Olde Time Dinkere 
Nice that you've made a walkthrough, but how about some paragraphs to increase readability?
July 9th 2007, 04:05 PM
Ghost They/Them
i cant figure out what to do. i tryed what u said but nothin happens, i have been in every section in cluding the town. can u please help me