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In lieu of review...


September 13th 2004, 12:23 PM
I don't really get the point of Cursed, hence I won't review it.

I will, however, make some observations.

The blood background ruled(!) That can't be easy to make either, since you have to get everything to line up and not look cheesy.

That Teenage Dirtbag song midi angered me, until I realized that it didn't have the screeching falsettos of the original song. Overall, the music seemed good.

Maybe I just needed to talk to people more, but I didn't really sense a mood from the game... I mean, it's a classic archetypal journey, descent into hell, blah, blah, blah, but somehow I didn't feel it. I guess I was in a hurry.

The sizing was excellent, many romps are way oversized, so that you bore yourself to tears walking around. This one seemed just right.

And, most importantly, not all of the enemies unscreenlock. I think the faster ones were the problem.

Good stuff, but I think there's something I'm not getting here... hence, no review.
September 13th 2004, 01:56 PM
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
What don't you get? If you've played it, completed it, and haven't skipped half the d-mod by accident (it doesn't sound like you have), then what's the problem?

I'm sure Carrie would appreciate a review. Hell, you've reviewed it just now! Why not do it properly and give it a mark?

That way, people will be able to read it at a later date, without trawling through the board.

September 13th 2004, 02:54 PM
Concise: I may have liked or disliked playing the game, but this is not the same as liking or disliking the game itself.

Not so concise:
You seem to be confusing two things:

1. One's experience with a file.
2. The file itself.

Simple example: if you saw a great movie when you were in a lot of pain, you might not like it. Thus, your experience would be crappy, although the movie was good. If you reviewed the movie, based on how much you enjoyed it, you'd write an inaccurate review.

The situation is quite different with games, since games are interactive. But I still think that you should rate the game and not the experience.

Normally, I have some sense of what the author is trying to do in a dmod, even if I can't put it into words. Then I can tell whether I like this idea, and whether it is well executed. But if I don't quite see the author's point, as happens here, I can't really say whether it is a good file.

In fact, I sometimes see reviews where people *clearly* don't understand what's going on, and these piss me off quite a bit. I don't want to write one of these reviews, therefore, I'll not write any review at all.
September 15th 2004, 05:34 PM
Peasant She/Her Canada
Umm,I'm not sure I get what you don't get.
Mostly I didn't like how cursed turned out,my scripting limits me from doing more just yet.I think I was going for a spookier mood but I guess it didn't come across.Personally I just want to have some fun,to laugh a bit,achieve my goal and burn a lot of trees along the way
I learn more from each mod I put out there and hopefully the next will be an improvement on the last.
September 15th 2004, 06:17 PM
Alright. I didn't know what you were trying for. I'll type something up, then... eventually.
September 15th 2004, 10:34 PM
Ghost They/Them
Aw,you don't have to Milo
I kinda like that teenage dirtbag song,
don't you?
September 17th 2004, 01:08 PM
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
Well, it's up to you, Milo. Sorry if I cam across a bit mean.