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HHII : Walkthrough seems to be gone

Historical Hero II: Armageddon

June 26th, 05:23 PM
Not bumping the thread by author because I don't want to mislead people into thinking he is still communicating, (see this: Walkthrough by author (thread) ) but the link he originally posted there (leads to dink solutions, now reports there is no such walkthrough. It seems dink solutions have no entry in menu for this d-mod either.

Has it been lost somehow?
June 26th, 07:59 PM
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looks like several walkthroughs vanished into the ether when yeoldetoast revamped the site.

bugging toast about dink solutions problems is a dink network favourite. so, give it a go
June 26th, 11:21 PM
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Go to this thread and download crts' archive or browse the repo. It has a few extra ones I didn't get around to migrating.
June 27th, 09:48 AM
The ultraprison solutions are preserved in the web archive:

Here the walthrough for HHII: