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The Dink Network - Email Issue Possibly Fixed?

February 23rd, 07:46 PM
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ebilV/evilV reported an issue in TDN's discord chat about being unable to register an account because he never received an email.

As it turns out, The Dink Network's underlying software was still sending emails using the same code that WC or I wrote back in 2002, which caused gmail and other services to consider any emails sent by The Dink Network as spam.

I made some changes, and I think I fixed it.

If you'd like to test this, please open this link in an incognito window, and type in your username and click submit. Then, post a reply to let me know if you received the email (or if it was dumped in your spam folder).

February 24th, 01:32 AM
For me, when I click submit, it just says
"Your password cannot be e-mailed to you more than twice in one day."
in red text.
I've tried this multiple times over 3 days, it always tells me i cant do it more than twice in one day. The problem remains, for me at least.

I tried making accounts on multiple different email-services, and not a single e-mail has reached me; they didn't even get sent to the spam-folder.
February 25th, 03:05 AM
Okay I tried again just now, and indeed it finally worked!
The mail did however get sent into my Spam-inbox. I think that's kinda normal though for stuff like this.

Anyway, Now I can finally log-in! Thank you redink1 for fixing stuff!