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Looking for Lost D-Mod/Game

January 18th, 09:33 PM
Hey guys, for about 3 years the subreddit r/tipofmyjoystick has been trying to find a lost game about a farmer killing his wife, and hiding the body from the police.

Recently a youtuber named Nexpo made a video that drew a lot of attention to this game, and people have started trying to find it again.
Quite a few people have remembered this game and some people believe it's Dink Smallwood.

Some of the reported features of the game were.
- Game opens with you killing your wife
- Regularly lying to the police who can show up at any time.
- Constantly having to move the body to avoid suspicion
- Cut-scenes
- Some people have said there were farming elements, others have said there aren't (It's the internet so we have no way of telling.)
- There isn't any consensus on the name, but the ones that keep popping up the most are "The other side of dirt," "The other side of dirt on Ashen Farms," "Raising Daisies," and "Dirtnap." Others have said the word ash was definitely in the title.

It's completely possible that this game is just people mis-remembering Dink Smallwood, a hoax, or a combination of both, but I wanted to see if you guys remember anything or know of a Dmod that added some of the reported features. Anyone who can glance over this would be greatly appreciated. I stumbled across this mystery a few years ago, and would love to see it finally concluded.
January 18th, 09:44 PM
January 18th, 11:21 PM
Peasant Australia steam 
That doesn't sound like Dink at all.
January 19th, 07:40 AM
Peasant Male Romania steam bloop
I like Frutti Fresh im sorry to disappoint bud but you got the wrong game.
January 19th, 07:49 AM
Peasant Male Romania steam bloop
I like Frutti Fresh 
I'll comment on the reports you listed:

-Game doesn't open with you killing your wife but (SPOILER) your mother dies in a house fire very early in the game's story.
-This game is set in the medieval times, so police wouldnt really exist. NPCs can't be hurt except for a few select situations so there really isnt a guard system or any type of law enforcement to begin with.
-You can't interact with bodies in this game.
-Every game has cutscenes.
-The main hero is a pig farmer but that's it. You can't farm or anything of the sort. You can only throw pig feed around if you're bored.
-Definitely not Dink Smallwood then.

It could very well be a DMOD tho. I recommend you guys look into the list of DMODs on this site (there aren't any other sites which host DMODs so you either find what you're looking for here, or it's not something Dink related.)

Good luck.
January 19th, 01:03 PM
Peasant Male bloop
I'm here, just hidden in the shadows. 
It's definitely not Dink as Bluedy explained. But I would actually recommend you to try Dink. Maybe you won't like it, but in my experience, you will either regard it as a one-time wonder, or stick with it. The game you are looking for doesn't sound familiar. Maybe because I mostly play 3D games that are mainstream. If it's a 2D game, it must be pretty obscure.
January 20th, 09:11 PM
I heard this was a meme, and the game doesn't actually exist.