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Enchilado's Dmod Development Thread

December 11th 2009, 09:17 PM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Okay, I'm designing a Dmod. I have ideas already, for quests and stuff, although I haven't started actually doing it yet.

Before I start, I have some questions:

1) How big can I make my world?
2) Is there a limit on the number of NPCs / Monsters etc?
3) I imagine it would be possible to make a recurring quest rewarding you with GP?
4) Is it possible to make your main guy look different?
5) Can I create new graphics easily, or must I use existing ones?
6) Would anyone lose interest in a Dmod with too many quests (I'm thinking about 100)?

Anyone who has ideas for a Dmod they don't want to make, I'm open for them. If anyone wants to contribute anything they don't want to use for their own Dmod, I'll take a look.

I want to make this as big as possible, because I hate levelling up characters for ages and then the game ENDS...

Any questions / answers / tips / flames?
December 12th 2009, 04:34 AM
Peasant He/Him Sweden bloop
Life? What's that? Can I download it?! 
1) You can fill up to 768 screens, if you want more you could make a DMOD with 2 maps resulting 1536 screens, check out Friends Beyond 3. I think it has 2 maps.

2) I think not. Maximum 100 sprites per screen.

3) That's possible.

4) Yes, check out the download section for more main characters, or make your own. Guess there's a tutorial somewhere.

5) Creating new graphics is easy for your DMOD. Just create 'em, put 'em in the graphics folder, load 'em into the dink.ini file in your DMOD directory and they should appear in the editor. There's also documents for further instructions on how to do this.

6. Absolutely not.

Sum tips: The best editing tool is WinDinkEdit+, it's easier and got tons of extra features that the regular DinkEdit didn't come with and it's using windows interface. Use CEdit or EasyDinkC for editing the scripts.

Hope that helped you out, and any Dinker who notices "'Ey, dis guys nuts, no way dat can be right." about this post, send me a muffin.
December 12th 2009, 07:24 PM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Right. Just a couple more questions:

1) I know it's possible to edit maps (such as the clearing road and repaired bridge), but can it be done while Dink (or whoever) is on the screen?

2) Can a Dmod have commands, eg CTRL+A, to execute a command, such as opening an NPC dialogue? And by selecting a certain option the map can be changed?

3) Would it be possible to create a timer bar which went slowly down, and you can bump it up again by eating food (say, a survival map where you have to eat else you starve to death)?
December 13th 2009, 01:02 AM
Peasant He/Him Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands
Let us save our effort and just lie down and die. 
1.) yes, it is possible to edit the world whilst playing the game. You won't see thee changes 'til you leave and re-enter the screen though.
2.) ???
3.) Most probably... check out the scripts for Mystery Island (The Official DMOD)
December 13th 2009, 04:11 AM
2) If you mean make something happen by pressing a key while playing, yes. Not ctrl+A etc but just A (or other letters) will work, this has the codes needed.
About the map changing, you can change almost anything in the map at any time but if you mean changing the entire map to a new 768 screens you can do that by using load_map() but it won't be visible until you change screens. See DinkC Ref for how to use.

3) Yes, you can do just about anything with a bit of creativity
December 13th 2009, 09:20 AM
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Friendship is magic 
December 13th 2009, 06:19 PM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Oh-kay... well, I couldn't decide between a survival one where you're on your own and exploring, or a story-filled one with lots of quests.

Seeing that a Survival one already exists, I think I'll go with the latter...

Thanks for your help >>
December 14th 2009, 05:16 AM
That survival is a demo D-Mod just to show the system itself, you could still make a real story-filled D-Mod using it.
December 14th 2009, 10:30 PM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Ah! Then that sounds like the best idea.