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World of DinkC

May 9th, 2006
Score : 6.0 fair
Bard Male United States
Please Cindy, say the whole name each time. 
I really liked the concept for this dmod, and with the high reviews I was expecting to be blown away. Unfortunately, I didn't end up enjoying World of DinkC very much.

First of all, the concept was not very well-executed. The idea of "an error in the scripting" coupled with the very clever and awesome intro made me expect a dink world that would be marred by glitches and unusual occurences; instead, for the most part the world was very ordinary. Throughout nearly all of the game, it was unclear exactly what horrors were being caused by the "error" - Suffering and death abounded, but most of it was just due to monsters. Was the glitch spawning extra monsters? It was never very clear.

The map design was quite good and the scale of the game was impressive, but I found myself mostly getting bored and hoping for it to end. The dialogue was mostly dull and repetitive, and often in fact repeated. After playing for a while, I eventually stopped bothering to talk to anyone but the people necessary to advance the game. When I'm enjoying a DMOD, I want to talk to everyone. The dialogue is what breaks up the game play and makes both segments mutually more enjoyable, in my opinion, and I felt that was missing throughout most of this DMOD.

I did really like the puzzles. More DMODs should have puzzles. Also, the idea of a group of philosophers in the Dink world ruminating on the nature of their existence in a video game engine was amusing. If the mod had had a lot more stuff like that in it, I'd be giving it a 9 at least, as it was well put-together overall. It just never grabbed me.