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Windemere Interface Graphics

Windemere Interface Graphics getting a tan on the deep dunes.
July 24th, 2013
Score : 7.0 good
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These are graphics intended for the interface of the abandoned Windemere project. This is not merely a status bar, this is the full monty - the inventory screen, healthbar, numbers, even new item and spell graphics. The interface has an ancient vibe to it, consisting of sand-blasted stone, parchment, and pillars.

It could be really great, but this file isn't quite perfect. Some of the graphics expect functionality not existant in the normal Dink engine, such as transparency, and adding chains on top of the sidebars when the screen gets locked. The sidebars are the wrong size, too, so they won't show up when you play the game until you edit them. (The sidebars are 17x400 pixels, when they should be 20x400 pixels.) Some of the graphics look really poor in a 256-colour palette, but newer versions of Dink support more than 256 colours so that's not necessarily much of an issue.

The interface feels like it's still a work-in-progress (not surprising as Windemere was never finished), and it is not quite as pretty as it could be. Some of the item graphics are especially poor, in comparison to the items in Original Dink.

This isn't a bad graphics pack, but it takes some mixing and mangling on the user's part to make it work. Some dmods have actually already used this, or parts of this file. There's some good stuff here.