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Wind Scar

Scar them dead
January 4th, 2007
Score : 7.7 good
Peasant He/Him United States 
Wind Graphics v2.00

This file consists of new graphics, sounds, and new scripts. It's got installation instructions as well. Thanks for putting this in a sample DMOD

The first new graphics consist of a new magic attack with Dink wielding a sword. When I say that, think of an extention to the elemental swords. To describe it, it's a basic sword swing, but with a "wind effect" circling around it. They look really nice, even in action. Props on these they look really good.
The actual magic is a modified hellfire graphic. To me it sorta looks like a cloud. I wasn't quite sure about them just glancing over the invididual frames, but they look good during play. There's also a modified version of the hellfire "shock" explosion.
An inventory icon for the spell is included as well. It's not the best, but it will suit the DMOD author who can't make their own.
The only downsides here are that the they limit you to true color mode (which may or may not be a problem) and the ini lines for casting aren't quite right, but you should be okay if you use the ini lines from the original sword hit (minus the "set_frame_special"s that is).

You can't use this magic unless you have your sword equipped. Since the magic attack uses the sword, that makes sense. This way Dink has to have his sword armed and also would prevent him from just whipping out a sword to use in the magic attack if he doesn't have one. The scripts are still basic, but there's nothing wrong with them.
It could be greatly improved by the user by adding some sort of damage effect. Without one, it's just a plain spell with new graphics.
I should also note that the author at the time didn't know about compare_weapon("item-sw1"); So he used a global variable to keep track of whether or not Dink has a sword armed. You may want to modify the spell script if you use it. This will save you from editing your sword scripts and will also save you that global variable used by the author of this file.

There are two new sounds the spell uses. To me, the sounds are good, but perhaps last just a little too long. The first time I casted the spell I had the volume cranked up and it surprised me The sounds make the spell seem powerful.

This is a good addition to Dink's arsenal, one that could be improved upon by means of adding special effects, but still good as is. I haven't really seen many wind magics in Dink, so props for the idea. I give this file a Good review.