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Tullisti's First Graphics Pack

August 26th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
There are a number of pretty good graphics in here and there is a great set of readme files to guide you with their use.

But the readme says the graphics need to be resized and have the correct Dink Palette applied. That is a shame. I can't be bothered doing that.

The fence: a bit strange and I'm not sure how much detail will be retained once your resize this graphic.

The guardhouse isn't bad, but the stones are going opposite directions, and there is no shadow at the bottom of the graphic.

Walls: 2 versions, these look pretty reasonable

Table: 2 versions, pretty reasonable

Well: this I liked, could've done with a shadow.

As the graphics aren't the correct size there is no corresponding dink.ini information available so the author will have to create this as well.

The naming of the graphics doesn't make for maximum conversation of sequence slots - annoying.

Bonus stuff: the author's original blender files which lets you change things if you want to.

Overall an 8.0, could easily have been full marks if the graphics were the right size, had shadows for the outdoor ones, named in a format that makes it easy to insert into a dmod, and included dink.ini info