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Scourger (The)

The red guy is the titular villain. He's apparently the scourge of walls. From the COTPATD project.
November 25th, 2005
Score : 9.6 exceptional
One of the best DMOD's I've played in a while! I found no errors, Very good mapping, Good music, Enemies were a chalange from the start, Very clear on what to do, Never woundering where to go next, and best of all there's no stupid riddles. Seemed a little long to call a quest but a little short for an epic.

Dink come across a red wizard and learns that he must accuire a special weapon in order to defeat him. In search for this weapon Dink comes accross many mini quests he must complete in order to move on.

I would have given it a 10 for 10 except I was a little disapointed with the end. My grade a 9.6 out 0f 10.