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Golden Buddha (The)

August 25th, 2006
Score : 5.2 fair
Peasant Female
The new graphics were adequate, although after the first couple times I played this particular dmod, the hedges, flowers and paths kept turning into black rectangles, which was fixed only by ducking into and out of one of the houses. Gold collection was decidedly pointless with practically nothing to spend it on. Humor and plot were almost nonexistent, and there weren't enough enemies between the starting town and the one and only boss to level Dink up enough for the final battle. In short, an alright dmod, but nothing I'd play more than the once if I had my druthers.
December 9th, 2004
Score : 6.0 fair
The quest: find the stolen golden budha.
Alot of new graphics and one new weapon. Screens didn't get boring and had alot of decoration. Author needs to put in boundries, looks like you can walk off the sides but are stopped by invisible borders. Also found some hardness errors, one i had to start over because of.
The houses you go into and the people you talk to are kind of pointless and don't help you, I guess they add a little humor.
Overall play was good, but only 2 or 3 types of creatures to fight. Lots of gold found with only one thing to buy. Ok 2 but you don't need the second.
I was disapointed at the end when i found there was no boss.
My grade: 6 out of 10
December 8th, 2004
Score : 7.1 good
A good, quick diversion, although you'd be better off playing, say, AHP.

Gameplay: 7
Outside of some mildly-diverting-but-actually-quite-routine fights, this game has nothing to offer in this departement. No puzzles, no minigames... and figuring out what to do next requires almost no effort. Kinda dull, actually. There is a cool new weapon though.

Style: 10
A *bunch* of new graphics, which work nicely with the old ones, as well as on their own, IMHO. A lot of attention has been paid to detailing the map, although many "edge screens" lack a visible border, which is rather annoying. Once again, everything is scripted, with a amusing, quirky sense of humor. Dink interacting with buddhist monks is a funny concept. I didn't laugh out loud at anything (I rarely do), but almost all of the mini-dialogues made me smile.

Story: 4
Kinda lacking here. Dink needs to find a golden buddha, so he wanders around a little and steals it back from a dead pirate. Way too short, and way too simple. A dmod doesn't need a great story, but in this case, the absence was definitely felt.

Hey, it's a small, fun dmod. Not bad at all. I think "Elves of Rathor"(or whatever it's called) to be Carrie's best so far though. The problem with "The Golden Buddha" is that it's just too simple. More gameplay, and more of a story would really help. A dmod doesn't have to be just a series of challenges, but at least a challenge or two really helps.

None-the-less, the style of this mod is easily sufficient to make it good IMHO.