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The Disciple

Dink encounters a Spooky Ghost™. The mystery begins. Dink's plumbing is probably faulty.
September 1st, 2016
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Truly EPIC dmod. The story was nice. I played Dink Smallwood first in 98... Been a fan ever since. I have played many dmods. But this one is really good because it brings back SETH and we get to know the story behind Seth. Kind of nostalgic.

The story for the getting delayed part was truly innovative.

The final boss was very difficult as it should be. I almost gave up after 15 attempts over 3 days. Would have been better if there was a save point after the cut-scene with final boss.

I am writing this review to encourage more developers to create exciting dmods.

After playing this one can realise the amount of work that has been put up in developing the dmod. Overall this is a well balanced game.