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Defeat of the Terrorists (The)

Dink takes advantage of the terrorists' all-you-can-earn Experience Buffet. From the COTPATD project.
July 2nd, 2011
Score : 0.3 horrible

Dink must kill all the terrorists.
Thats it.
You get a clawsword at the very starting by default, (but strangely you have to go into the ENTER menu to arm it) and nothing subsequently.
There is nothing to explore.
The signboards speak whats written on them whenever you enter the screen, and if you stand next to them and press spacebar, nothing happens. Annoying.
The mapping is linear, you have to walk in only one direction, FORWARD.
The knights dont attack you with their axes. STRANGE!!
And they are too slow, and die in a couple of hits, with the clawsword armed.
The pillbugs, are frozen to a place, and can do nothing to harm you in any way.(look frightening, though)
Also, I was expecting the end boss to have a gun. so that it would live up to its name, but no. It was a Knight. And he too couldnt attack you with his axe.
The end boss is hard, or as hard as turning the TV on without the remote.
(Turning the TV on with the remote is easier you see, but without it is not much harder. )
And when you have killed him, you get a note saying that you have finished the game, and defeated the terrorists. And thats it. The game doesnt end.
So your default reaction is to go further, but nowhere to go, similarly for up and down, frustrated, you decide to go back.
And there you see the giant pillbugs again.
Then again your default reaction is to return to the boss screen, where there is boss again.
Fed up, you press, Alt + F4(or for that matter Alt + Q if you so prefer)
And then you ask yourself, why did I download it? Why did I play it?



10 screens.
I really wonder whether the creator spent any time on the mapping?
It to me looks like it was made in half a day, with NO beta testing whatsoever.



[(0.4/10) + (0.2/10)] / 2 = 0.3/10