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Defeat of the Terrorists (The)

Dink takes advantage of the terrorists' all-you-can-earn Experience Buffet. From the COTPATD project.
December 10th, 2009
Score : 0.5 horrible
Peasant Male Sweden steam
The Defeat Of the Terrorists
Sounds cool, huh? When I saw that a file with this name was uploaded I was though it would be a quite big game filled with new, interesting graphics and game-play.
Well, it wasn't. This was in fact even worse than DinkDoodler's first dmod, EvilDink, It was just short and pointless, let me explain why.

The game-play in this dmod was about the same as in EvilDink, just too easy fighting with a lame story behind, kill the terrorists. The terrorist then? Are they some new hyper-cool guys with shotguns and sunglasses? NO The terrorists are just knights. And even though you kill them they are back when you re-enter the screen... Even the boss! Upon the defeat of the boss a text appears, it says the the terrorists are defeated, but they aren't!

The mapping in all three of dinkdoodler's dmods is REALLY annoying! There are no borders so you have to guess witch way to go (witch is one of four...). In this dmod there was 10 screens! Just 10!
And those 10 screens used as few as 14 scripts (that's 10 + the main and start scripts)!
This dmod is not worth playing, put more effort in your creations, dinkdoodler!
I have to give this file 0.5.
May 19th, 2012
Score : 0.5 horrible
Defeat of the Terrorists is my second D-Mod, and oddly it spent only 20.03 minutes in development. You can see how well it turned out. I gotta admit, when I started development I was skeptical. How could any D-Mod capture the magic of defeating the terrorists in Pakistan? While it felt somewhat short of this lofty goal, what you and I are looking at here is what managed to be the worst D-Mod of all time.
To understand my feelings on the game, I feel that it's important to understand something about me, and that thing is that It's always been my life long dream to defeat the terrorists in Pakistan. I never ended up enlisting in the army because I didn't have the grades, but still, the thought of myself swinging a sword while dudes with heavy machine guns and grenades laughed themselves stupid because I had nothing but a pocket full of dreams of peaceful streets has tormented me every night for years. I was very close to ending it all, in fact--that is, until I created this gem.
Of course, that's not to say that only wannabe terrorist killers can hate Defeat of the Terrorists. The game has something awful for everyone, from bland environments which I assure you is not what Pakistan looks like at all, hardness errors, and most importantly, terrible mapping.
Naturally one of the central activities here is going to be killing knights who are supposedly terrorists. The mapping is awful--It's almost like I'm really walking through a terrorist base! If terrorist bases didn't have ammunition storage rooms or anything and the place had some kind of underground cellar... As I said before, it didn't quite manage to simulate terrorist killing, but we have to see this for what it is: the worst D-Mod of all time.
July 2nd, 2011
Score : 0.3 horrible

Dink must kill all the terrorists.
Thats it.
You get a clawsword at the very starting by default, (but strangely you have to go into the ENTER menu to arm it) and nothing subsequently.
There is nothing to explore.
The signboards speak whats written on them whenever you enter the screen, and if you stand next to them and press spacebar, nothing happens. Annoying.
The mapping is linear, you have to walk in only one direction, FORWARD.
The knights dont attack you with their axes. STRANGE!!
And they are too slow, and die in a couple of hits, with the clawsword armed.
The pillbugs, are frozen to a place, and can do nothing to harm you in any way.(look frightening, though)
Also, I was expecting the end boss to have a gun. so that it would live up to its name, but no. It was a Knight. And he too couldnt attack you with his axe.
The end boss is hard, or as hard as turning the TV on without the remote.
(Turning the TV on with the remote is easier you see, but without it is not much harder. )
And when you have killed him, you get a note saying that you have finished the game, and defeated the terrorists. And thats it. The game doesnt end.
So your default reaction is to go further, but nowhere to go, similarly for up and down, frustrated, you decide to go back.
And there you see the giant pillbugs again.
Then again your default reaction is to return to the boss screen, where there is boss again.
Fed up, you press, Alt + F4(or for that matter Alt + Q if you so prefer)
And then you ask yourself, why did I download it? Why did I play it?



10 screens.
I really wonder whether the creator spent any time on the mapping?
It to me looks like it was made in half a day, with NO beta testing whatsoever.



[(0.4/10) + (0.2/10)] / 2 = 0.3/10