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Stone of Balance Source

January 13th, 2014
Score : 4.0 tolerable
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This file includes all the SCRIPTS from Stone of Balance - not the graphics. For that, there is a separate file at the Stone of Balance Graphics Pack. That one, however, doesn't include the tiles, which you can get from the tiles folder of the actual dmod. Or, if you just want the desert tiles, you can download the Stone of Balance Desert Tiles.

Simon Klaebe's work is great, but I must chastise the man for having something of an annoying habit of milking so many little releases out of each dmod.

If memory serves, the first versions of Stone of Balance had .D'd scripts and .FF'd graphics (both of which need to be decrypted before you can look at them), so these files did at least have a reason to exist in the past. However, the recent versions of Simon's dmods are in a readily readable format, so there's no good reason to download them now. Just grab the actual dmod, and get everything you want directly from that.

-1.0 points for being just a script source with an unclear name. -5.0 points for being obsolete, bringing the total to 4.0 points.