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Stone of Balance

August 8th, 2006
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male Canada
Foppery and Whim! 
all-in-all a great d-mod

story: excellent storyline, dink has to collect the shards of the stone of balance, which has been broken by an evil wizard, reminds me of a t.v. show i watched last year, cant remember the name.

Gameplay ifficult, played through the full game the first time with cheats, the second time my computer didn't havethe cheat menu and i got up to the part where you are in the desert, i couldn't get any farther because i sold my pick and was stuck in the part between the two pentagrams, anyway 10 in this section

Bug report: after you beat the boss in i BELIEVE its the second story, and it goes into the cutscene If medulak walks into one of those star things the boss shoots the game freezes and you have to fight the boss over.

Overall: excellent d-mod, much better than PQ in my opinion... 9.8

Extra Comment: waiting for necromancer, which i beleive is coming out tomorrow.