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Stone of Balance

February 19th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is THE most ambitious and most carefully designed dmod right now.
The graphics alone can almost top any other dmods.
Dink was summoned to a world where the balance was kept by the Stone of Balance. The stone was broken and the balance of the world depends on it...
Main scene is quite straightforward. Go find all 7 pieces of stones. But since the stones were spreaded all over the world, you need to go thru different quests to get all stone pieces. Most of the quests/missions are quite unique or original. You don't need to succeed in EVERY mission, but without having all stone pieces, the game can become quite difficult in the later mission. That's understandable. But somehow, IF you get all pieces of stone, the game will become a little bit too easy.
You have very detailed map content in every screen. You have very nicely fit music. You have extremely high quality graphics. The dialogues and converstaions are well done. Very few, if any, bugs can be found in this dmod, especially considering the size of the dmod... The praise can go on and on...
To say the least, unless you have anything personal against Simon, this is the dmod you just can't miss!