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Stone of Balance

December 23rd, 2001
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Wow! The best DMOD ever. Better than POTA, better than LOT and better than the original Dink. The graphics were outstanding. New enemies – and great ones too: scorpions and a whole bunch of weird stuff at the end. New lands – the desert land was very well done. New magic – gotta love that multiblast. Insectoid wasn’t bad either. And many, many, many new items. Game play was excellent. Well thought out, some bits had lots of running around. But the humour and interesting maps made up for that. “Best jerky man in town! Eyes? They have my whole head!” Secrets too, with something new for any DMOD, interactive riddles. These I really like, maybe cause I like riddles . Quests were great, lots of them all fitting around the main quest of finding the bits of the Stone of Balance. I’m still playing FIAT, so I can’t compare the two yet, but it’s gotta be close. Give this 9.9 and Simon give us SOB2, PLEEEASE!!!