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Stone of Balance

January 29th, 2003
Score : 8.8 good
this dmod has sevreal stregths but is just to sick to realey be enjoyed to its fullest

story-8 For the most part the story was realy good a big stone breaks you have to gather the fragments(alla legend of zelda) the only big drawback comes in the 6th level when the story turns from hummours to a low buget porno staring dink smallwood (segman freud might have something to say there)

graphics-8 prettey standard dink stuff with a few custom jobs thrown in i thought the beholders looked kinda of goofy until i figuered out they where bouncing boobs oh brother level 5 looked realy good all clad in gold.

game play 10 what can be said here this is dink smallwoods strong point its the best action rpg engine out the enemies are never to easy never to hard.

puzzels 08 the puzzels range from standard number gusseing games to finding a good place to pee nothing realy great the riddels where cool but they where all elementry shcool so i half to take 2 points there

maps 10 i liked the fact that instead of trying to make one huge world he made 7 well 6 well designed small worlds and one not so well one but over all the maps where exelent

extras-09 there are quite a few and i know i didnt find them all the multi blast was the coolest also there is a full nut not very well written walk through in the game package that you might need to use in certain parts.

if i did my math rite i get an avrage of 8.8333333