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Stone of Balance

March 11th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male
This Dmod has to be the best ive played so far. This dmod may be better than the original.

The goods: this dmod has really good midis, mostly original graphics, but the end level and the one before it are both full of new monsters and characters and i thought were really fun. the game was very understandable and it wasnt easy to get confused. the story was awesome and i really liked the three dink clones.

the bads: not many a few hardness errors but thats really all.

Graphics: 9.6 for the new monsters

Story: very hard to get lost and not too easy to understand. 9.8

Midis: Midis went very well with the scenes but should have been more loops. 9.4

Fighting: just right not too much not too little not too easy and not too hard. 9.9

overall: 9.7 best dmod ever