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Stone of Balance

June 5th, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male United States
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This d-mods story line is your basic go to different lands and find crap to save the world, but with a nice twist. This d-mod will challenge you in almost every way possible, from hard enemies to mazes to riddles.

Graphics: Great, new 3d rendered enemy's, and remade old one's keep things interesting. Some of the landscaping was also redone making this d-mod complete.

Story: Most of it was great except for story 2, story two was only a run through a huge maze and get lost, but other than that.

Sound: Very original sound here, that fit the story completely! I don't think Simon stole any midi from any other d-mod. Oh, almost forgot, he also threw in a bunch of new effects sounds.

Game play: Original quests with a ton of comedy, does it get any better?

Overall: Great d-mod, and Iím giving it a 9.0, it would be higher if story 2 wasn't crap.