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Stone of Balance

February 25th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
This is my review of worlds 1-4. The review for the rest of the game, with some notes on the game as a whole, would be right below, but there is a 2500-character limit for a review. The score reflects my evaluation of the game as a whole, including scores of 6.5 for World 5, 5.0 for World 6, and 9.5 for World 7.
I'll break this down by world.
World 1--This is the best part of the DMOD. It has LOTS of secrets, rhyming text, and a very original plotline. The only significant negative was that, if you missed certain secrets, then you were screwed for the rest of the game. 9.7.
World 2--This, on the other hand, was pretty much total crap. There were minimal secrets (an obvious genie, a useless map, hard-to-get and necessary magic) and way too much running in circles. The most infuriating part was the exorbitant cost of healing. The were also a bunch of bugs in this world, but Simon K. fixed these in patch 10. 3.5.
World 3--This board was really fun, with great and original music, some new items, and excellent humor. I loved the way that the enemies on some screens changed as the board went on--this kept it from becoming repetitive. Negatives included a bunch of walking around and the fact that the board was rather easy. 9.0.
World 4--This board was sadistically difficult. I still have no clue how to get the fourth stone without exploiting a bug that I found. And, oh Lord, there were WAY TOO MANY of those. Simon Klaebe says that he will fix them in patch 11, which is a must if you don't want to spend half of your time walking on water, teleporting to other worlds, or skipping parts of the plot. I missed the herb boots, which made the board annoying because I was so stuck at the end. This board is the last good chance to level up--I gained level 16 here, which is a good idea for the rest of the game. The social satire was wicked, the puzzles were mostly satisfying to solve, and the music was again very good. 8.0.