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Revenge of the Pigs

June 28th, 2003
Score : 5.1 fair
Because of Glenn's changes to his d-mod, I decided to update my review.


Well, this is certainly an average job on a pretty average first d-mod. Some features I liked were the oinky weapon that replaced the fist, the hero being a pig, and the intro movie at the beginning. When using the 'weapon' you heard an oink sound which was funny. The intro is good, because it's there. Most first d-mods usually don't have ones and the ones that do don't really have great scripting. +7


After talking to the wizard, I was automatically directed to the pillbug which I had to kill to continue the story. Unfortunately, whenever I entered the screen again that first directed me, it led me to the same area. The grammar was certainly atrocious, but I personally feel that really doesn't impact the gameplay or story. The map was empty in screens and somewhat full in others.

- 1.9


An interesting little d-mod to download if you're board or if you feel like playing a short one. A few words of advice to the author, be sure to get your d-mod tested, I would've given a larger score if there were less bugs