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Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island Revenge

Jesus, Dorinthia, your dad is STANDING RIGHT THERE. From the COTPATD project.
August 21st, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
This is the second part of the series - and it has a very big improvement on the first. It is tighter and more contained. In other words - less walking around!

There are no new graphics, but Bill has made very good use of the standard ones (plus a few from POTA). The best example of inventive use of new graphics is the big burning tree in the village.

Map is very well done, especially the dark wood.

New magic - extra powerful magic which is nice.

Midis and sounds compliment the DMOD.

Bugs - none really, although I had trouble buying the aze (very expensive) but went back to a saved game and went to see him earlier and than seemed to work.

Overall - A very good quest. Better than the first and one I'd recommend to any player