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Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island Revenge

Jesus, Dorinthia, your dad is STANDING RIGHT THERE. From the COTPATD project.
August 4th, 2009
Score : 9.6 exceptional
I didn't play the original Quest for Dorinthia, but regardless, the premise is that Dorinthia is kidnapped again and Dink has to save her.

The Good:

The implementation is A+ excellent. Throughout the game (except in the last island), much attention is paid to detail, and it shows. The graphics are beautifully done, even though most of it is from the original game.

There is also a sense of humor throughout. The beginning where the player has to find $1000 on an island with nothing but pillbugs is very, and very well implemented. The player is always pushed in the right direction, even if it isn't obvious, and the story unfolds beautifully.

Once on the main island, there are a good number of secrets, most of which are very well hidden. The sub-quests that have to be completed, as well as the little plot twists, make this a very engaging adventure.

The map on the main island is very well designed, always teasing the player with tantalizing rewards that can only be found later upon discovery of a well-hidden secret area. I daresay it's even better than the original Dink, because the map is compact and there are very few "wasted" areas.

Many of the puzzles are quite well designed, and, with a few exceptions, fit well into the context of the game world. This is a sign of good quality puzzles.

The story builds up slowly but surely, and eventually culminates in an icy island where things get brutally tough. (Well, that is, if you didn't find the main secret island.)

The Bad:

Some of the secret areas are perhaps a bit too well hidden. Some pretty much needs the player to be clairvoyant to know what the author had in mind, since they are so arbitrary (such as walking through a group of trees in the middle of nowhere, which are visually indistinct from normal trees).

Some of the puzzles are also not sufficiently clued (the 4 pillars and the prisoner is an example), and the locking/unlocking goblin pillars seem a bit out of place (how exactly does pillar function as a "lock" isn't very well motivated by the game world mechanics).

The ending part of the game seems a bit unnecessarily drawn out (is there *really* a need to make the player walk for miles and miles and miles along a path that's pretty much already dictated?). It seems that the author was starting to run out of ideas at the end, but needed just a few more gimmicks to get the player to the final encounter. The ending was a bit of a let-down, though, especially considering all that has led up to this point.

Also, the secret weapon found on the secret island is wayyyy overpowered. I won't spoil what it is, but it pretty much makes the rest of the game trivial. I think it's too unbalancing; it would be better if it had some drawbacks so that the player still has a challenge, even though things are much easier than otherwise. This also means that if you *didn't* find the secret weapon, the endgame is extremely tough in comparison. To have a single secret weapon tip the balance in such an extreme way is not a good design.

Having said all that, though, this is an excellent DMOD. Its good points far outweigh its flaws, IMO, and you will not be disappointed by it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very highly recommended.
July 6th, 2002
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant Female
Dink and Dorinthia are married, but Dorinthia is kidnapped and Dink must save here again.

Storyline: This D-mod is the sequel to the first Dorinthia. The storyline does not involve one quest, but several tasks to complete. Especially the beginning is very good and humorous.

Map: The map is smaller than the map in the first Dorinthia, but very good since there are no boring or empty parts in it in which you wander without any aim.

Graphics: There are some new ones, but not many. The graphics are however used in a nice way and this D-mod shows once again that new graphics are no necessity to make a great D-mod. The title screen is nice too.

Music: Mediocre.

Good: The gameplay is very good and the different tasks are worked out very well. The secrets and puzzles nicely fit in. You encounter a lot of different characters in this D-mod and they all have their own tale to tell. The several area’s all have their own style. There is more humour in this D-mod than in the first Dorinthia. The best part of this game is the beginning. The enemies are a lot tougher than in the first one, but the author left you the choice to either fight or run, which I think is a good option and a nice change to screenlocks. Also, because there are so many enemies, you can easily level up: once you’ve terminated everything on one screen, you can go to another and then back again without having to wait before the enemies appear again.

Not so good: Towards the end the game sort of lost its glamour: you had to do a lot of walking to complete some tasks. It took quite some time before I finally had gold enough to buy the throwing axe.

Overall: The beginning is the best part of the game. This one is, as unfortunately a lot of sequels are, not as good as the first one.

Fit for: If you enjoyed playing Dorinthia I, you will enjoy this one too.
July 13th, 2005
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Not too bad a DMOD, Though this IS the first one I've reviewed. This one was possibly easier to finish than the first, but still interesting enough to maintain interest with my short attention span.

[Tiny Spoiler (Yeah Right)]
I give it a 9.5, instead of 9.9, partially because at the start it was a little bit, well, unusual that the boatman asks for 1000 Gold, then you are suddenly given it by Matridge. It might have been easier just to have to pay 100 Gold or something and you had to go around killing beasts and such to make enough money. There was no real reason for the cost of 1000 Gold, so it was kinda strange to have it.

Another reason for a lower mark was that the DMOD was possibly a little short for an Epic DMOD.

But this DMOD is more than playable, and definitely worth downloading and playing. It doesn't rely too much on the previous game's storyline, so finishing or playing it first won't hurt the playability of the first game too much...
September 8th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Dink must save Dorinthia, in this second adventure written by Bill Syzczytko.

Pro's: This is a wonderful game, whether you are a novice or expert. In order to save Dorithia, Dink must solve several puzzles, some easy to find, others not so easy. Figuring out these puzzles might even lead you astray, but the *Boomerang*, which became my favourite weapon of all time, I didn't locate it until the 2nd time I played the game. At the time of the makimg of this Dmod, wizards, slimers, and pillbugs and a few others, were the usual enemy, so don't expect a StoneMan to get you. The scenery is a delight, and the music, is nicely balanced. And yes, I took complete joy out of burning every tree in sight.

Cons: The posters, which were suppose to give me a hint, and lack of juice bottles. Also this was pre-herb boots, so alot of walking has to be done.

Overall: A very entertaining game, which has still not lost its luster, and even better than Quest for Dorinthia 1
August 21st, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
This is the second part of the series - and it has a very big improvement on the first. It is tighter and more contained. In other words - less walking around!

There are no new graphics, but Bill has made very good use of the standard ones (plus a few from POTA). The best example of inventive use of new graphics is the big burning tree in the village.

Map is very well done, especially the dark wood.

New magic - extra powerful magic which is nice.

Midis and sounds compliment the DMOD.

Bugs - none really, although I had trouble buying the aze (very expensive) but went back to a saved game and went to see him earlier and than seemed to work.

Overall - A very good quest. Better than the first and one I'd recommend to any player

March 13th, 2002
Score : 9.3 exceptional
This is a really good DMOD. It features new weapons and animations, very fast enemies, and great humor, especially in the earlier sections. The music is fine, the sound effects are good, the game is challenging but not excessively so, and there is decent variety in the plot.
Problems: Some of the humor was homophobic. Joking about Dink being the king's secret lover is fine; calling Dink fabulous as an insult is not. ( Otherwise, the sexual innuendo was appropriate and very well done.) There were a few bugs (one hardness error, one scripting issue, and two graphical problems), although the debugging was generally good. There was a lot of walking around on pointless screens, particularly near the end. The enemies got harder and harder but the XP totals that they gave didn't increase fast enough. There was only one thing that you could huy in the whole game, and that was the throwing axe (a useful but not vital weapon), which costed a ridiculous 12000 gold pieces and came far from the end of the game.
February 13th, 2002
Score : 9.3 exceptional
A sequal that lived up to the hype and than some. Dorinthia has been captured again and the dead evil wizard has taken over the body of someone in town, but who? Once again, a great map from the author, as he takes advantage of nearly every part of it. There is no aimless wandering in this game, and the gameplay is well above average. 5 quests to complete, 3 crystals to find, 2 souls to save, and one kick-ass magic spell to find. Once you find the magic spell (its like hell-fire), its all over, kill at will. However, before you find it, things can get kind of tough. There are some killer pillbugs and slimes that are quite difficult. One weapon that should help costs 12000 gold, I didn't get it, it seemed to be a waste of time to kill that many enemies to get it. That is the only down side to this d-mod. No let-downs, no open spaces and no boring parts. Of course, there was no good music either, but once again, who cares. Along with part 1, this is the best non-epic available, and if it had a third part, it could easily compete for best trilogy.