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Prophecy of the Ancients

February 10th, 2012
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Prophecy of the Ancients is the first and oldest Epic D-Mod to be created and one of the first, if not the first, really good D-Mod out there. It was created over a decade ago, celebrating its 13th birthday this year. So this review is definitely late, but hey, better late than never. Gary and Tony Hertel were pretty humble and never seemed to take too much credit for their creation. No matter if they did, Prophecy of the Ancients will forever be one the most legendary D-Mods to exist. After all this time, it still manages to entertain with its storyline, length, music and its impressive coding and ideas that most D-Mod authors still can't match 'till this day. And oh yeah, it will always give me those goosebumps. This review will be from the point of view of that time mixed with the point of view from today.

This D-Mod takes place in a different timeline to the original game, and apparently to most D-Mods. Dink must go back in time (in this D-Mod's timeline, which obviously has a different history to the original game) and fix the terrible doom that is threatening his time. During the game, there are many interesting quests, side-quests and plot twists that keep you interested in the game. You'll just have to keep playing to find out what happens next.

For D-Mods, the time travel idea wasn't really used much around that time, and really still isn't. In fact, this is the only D-Mod still today, that I can remember from the top of my head, using this idea. For movies, books and games it is usually a pretty common idea and sort of a cliché. However, during the game you'll easily forget the whole timeline thing, and it isn't but in the beginning that it is really brought in. And of course, in the end you are reminded of it again. By the way, the ending is kinda disappointing and sad, because after all you have done, you know Dink can't return to his normal life. Anyway, back to the point. The side-storylines and -quests are really great and put your mind off the timeline stuff and main quests really good. Basically, without them, this D-Mod would be half the fun and just couldn't possibly be an Epic.

The gameplay is decent. For that time, the length and the very innovative ideas were probably from out of this world. Nobody believed a D-Mod with such length and brilliant ideas could be done. And on top of that to have a great storyline and overally be fun. It must have been amazing. As of today, there are things that still make your head spin and just seem amazing. How could you say it? First, you're amazed these things could be done back then. Then, you're amazed these things could be done even today. The ice spell for one, is one of these things. If this D-Mod's authors hadn't made it up, I doubt no D-Mod today would still have it.

Sadly, there are some downfalls with the gameplay. The fighting is way too easy, and you can basically kill the end boss with very little effort. Or actually, no effort. The map is fairly large and there's lots of walking back and forward, which means it's a pain in the ass without Herb Boots. And since there aren't any, the only thing that makes you want to walk this much, is to see the story unfold. Thankfully, there are a few teleports here and there to make the trips shorter. However, if you aren't necessarily familiar that there even is a teleport. Unless you read the walkthrough or burn every pine (green tree) in the game (which I admit most Dinkers do) then there's no way you are going to know about this teleport, and you'll find yourself endlessly walking back and forward.

Ah, the map. My worst enemy in reviews. Simply cause for most D-Mods there isn't much to say about it. In Prophecy of the Ancients, the map is good. There are interesting screens and every screen seems to have some meaning. You know, to contain something in it. However, the overall mapping isn't anything amazing. There are a few hardness/depth que errors, which aren't uncommon even today. However, if you find these absolutely horrible, then remember that back then they didn't have such fancy editors, so it took a lot more effort to create the map, so it's not that bad at all.

The music is very common D-Mod music from then. Some of it is from other RPGs, some of it is from other D-Mods and the original Dink Smallwood. Then there's some calm music and some disco stuff. Overall, the music on this one is which gives me goosebumps and makes me remember all the cool stuff about Dink from back then. The music isn't necessarily always very fitting, but most of the time it is. And the music itself is very good. And I'm afraid my goosebumps will stab me if I don't praise the music.

Most of the stuff about everything. The storyline is interesting, the gameplay is fun most of the time and travels well hand-in-hand with the storyline. Many innovative ideas. The mapping isn't perfect but is mostly good. Music is awesome, just cause my goosebumps say so. And yep, mostly everything is good.

The storyline may be a lil' cliché. The map has some small errors. Fighting is way too easy and doesn't create that much excitement in fights and the gameplay and whole D-Mod suffers from the lack of Herb Boots. That's about it.

This D-Mod will always remain awesome and will forever be the legend that it was the moment it was released upon us Dinkers. It deserves a whoppin' 9.0. score from me.

Fit for:
To everybody. Especially those who want to experience what being a ture OG Dinker back then was like.

Oh yeah, and the music is awesome!