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Prophecy of the Ancients

May 10th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
Story: The future, Dink's time, is in peril. A wizard sends him into the past to try and correct the evil trying to destroy the present. Stop the evil that is behind the events that destroy the future.

This is one of the best D-Mods I've played. It's really long: longer than the original game. It has a really good storyline, really good graphics, exellent new magic such as the Iceball spell and transform spell and Atomic Spell. Good music that goes with the story and situations well. It's also quite difficult.

Plot 9.9
Graphics 9.9
Storyline 9.9
Spells 9.9
MIDI's 9.9
Cutscenes 9.9
Lasting Appeal 9.9
Overall 9.9

This is a great D-Mod and i recommend it to any dinkers that like nice long D-Mods. It will keep you hooked till the end. But A good guy was behind the evil all along.