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Pork Dink with Gass
Short sequence of Dink with expanding girth chugging ham
Was playing with speech bubbles for Dink when I made this. Enjoy!
(ini line included)
Released:December 31st, 2012
File Size:83.04 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
March 21st, 2013
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male Japan xbox steam bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
This is a pretty funny graphic. Although it being Dink, it can't really be used for much. Dink will eat some mutton, fart, and go to sleep. That's all there is to this. It could pretty much only be used in a cutscene.

The bmps are well made and the animation looks good. So I can't complain there. Plus the were set up and ready to implement, there was even a example ini line int the readme that you could use.

It'd be nice if there were other sprites with similar/the same animation as this one.

I'd like to give you a higher score MsDink, but I don't feel like this deserves it.