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Pilgrim's Quest

June 24th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia steam
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
Could there ever be a better D-Mod?
I don't think so!

This D-Mod is the greatest D-Mod created of all time, well, at this time anyway. This has been the best for a few years, and will keep being the best for years to come! It contains a ton of new graphics, a great story and lots and lots of new MIDIs and sounds! SimonK has really done it this time! Pilgrim's Quest has some new features which are great. Now, I played the adult bawdy version. Not the childish vesion. It's amazing at how skilled Simon is with Blender 3D. His graphics are outstanding!

The story of this D-Mod was pretty good. It kept me wanting to keep playing though I knew I had to sleep sometime. This is a great sequel to Stone of Balance, and, even though Necromancer will probably never come, I think this D-Mod is a good enough ending. Unfortunately though, the final bit wasn't too good. No extremely difficult bosses or anything. A good D-Mod should have a boos or two.

The graphics! One of the stronger aspects of the game! Hang on, all the aspects are the stronger aspects so it doesn't really matter. Anyway, the graphics are simply awesome. Simon is just so skilled in the art of graphical design it's not funny! He probably uses Blender 3D better than the creators of the program! To name a few of the best of his graphics: The rabbit, demon and dragon. Of course there are many, many more which I didn't mention, but, well, erm, you get the idea. He makes good graphics.

I noticed on his website he said that if you could play .avi files in D-Mods he had an introduction for Pilgrim's Quest, but, since you can't play .avi files, he didn't use it. It looks pretty good too.

I don't think Simon made any of this music himself. He got quite a bit of it from this guy called Brian Dill or something. Either way, it's pretty good, and there's not much to say. Without music, this game would be right down there with Adventures with Jani, or abcdefg... (No offense guys). So really, the music is another of the stronger aspects of the game.

The gameplay of this D-Mod was great! The best of any D-Mod out there! Not too much to say here, but anyway. The new stats are good. Each stat actually has an influence on the game too. This doesn't happen much in D-Mods. The boating feature is cool. I really liked it. Sailing around with my trusty cannon blasting those por sea creatures to death was great fun!

The riddle system of Pilgrim's Quest I though was pretty good. You get to choose your answer by choosing the letters and blah blah. They were very hard and I had to resort to the walkthrough for most of them. The first one was simple. The second one was pretty funny. The rest were just too dificult!

A good D-Mod. Fit for anyone who has about 10 hours on their hands with nothing else to do. It contains some pretty funny parts were I couldn't help but laugh out loud. (Okay, so I chuckled softly, but it's close enough!) So, I say download this D-Mods. You won't be dissapointed! 9.7