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Percent-based Life Bar

May 22nd, 2009
Score : 8.0 good
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This file replaces the ordinary growing life bar with a fixed-length life bar that represents your health in percentages, and a text next to the bar that shows your current life and lifemax as numbers. The concept has potential, but the file itself could be improved. As it is, I wouldn't recommend using this over the original system unless Dink has a crapload of HP, or you need free space on the status bar.

The Good
When the normal life bar goes over 220 life points, it doesn't fit on the screen anymore, so you can't see how much life you have above that. This limitation is almost completely removed by the percent-based life bar. With very large numbers, the life/lifemax text gets screwed up, but up to 9999 life points, it looks fine.

The percent-based life bar doesn't grow so it takes less space than the default life bar, and you could use that space for something else.

The whole life bar contraption disappears when you access your inventory. Some people might see this as a problem, but I think it's a pretty neat effect. =)

The Bad
A script needs to be placed on every screen where the life bar is used. That can be a lot of trouble, so some other method of implementing this thing would be desirable.

The Ugly
The life/lifemax text. It's a say command, and doesn't look like a part of the status bar. When I played the test dmod, that's the first thing that caught my eye. It even flashes/stutters annoyingly on screen changes.
July 3rd, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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percent based life bar is something i never would have thought of on my own, but after seeing how it works in the included demonstration i was convinced, this method is definitely more sleek than the original life bar

i had it installed on my own dmod in minutes and was tweaking it instantly. kudos for a simple and easy to use development file. im even currently modifying this life bar into another mana bar to go into the empty spot made available by the new life bar

i recommend every author to check this new life bar out, it may inspire something new for you as well