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Milderr!! 2: The Adventure in Finland

June 9th, 2002
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male Australia
This is an improvement on the first one, but there were still a number of things which annoyed me immensely.

Pluses - the dialogue was good. And there were plenty of people to talk to. Changing clothes is a great idea for disguising.

Minuses - the overall structure was too loose. There are a numbe of quests to do, but no real clue as to which ones to do, and what are the consequences of not doing them. Map design is very basic, not much in the detail. No new sounds as such. Midis were a bit repetative. Still a few hardness bugs, but not as many as Midler 1.

Overall - started well, but became boring after the first couple of quests.

Score: 6.5