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April 15th, 2015
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant They/Them Netherlands
Never be afraid to ask, but don't demand an answer 
So this is marked as unfinished and the description suggests that this is the worst file on the network. Well, if you hadn't seen the actual worst files, it suggests that.

But this D-Mod is surprisingly well built. It is unfinished, and there doesn't seem to be a message saying "sorry, you reached the end of the finished part, the rest isn't done", as unfinished D-Mods usually do. Or if there is, I didn't get that far.

What I didn't like
The tiles are very visible in many places. No attempt was made to hide the tiled background. I suppose it's s style issue, but it isn't my style.

Another style issue: Dank (the protagonist) is not just a jerk with a good heart, as in the original game. He's really mean, and he kills people who want to be his friends for no reason. That is also a matter of style, and I don't mean to say that it should be changed. I'm just saying I don't like it.

And as I wrote above, this file is not finished. That's too bad, I hope it will be finished eventually.

Oh and there are bugs in the script of the supreme genius. Bugs are always annoying. I can't imagine that they didn't show up when testing; it breaks really badly. The fix is easy though: change "makebug" into "makebug1" in main.c (or the other way in geni-01.c). Then it still doesn't work properly, but it makes it playable.

What I liked
As I wrote, to my surprise this file is very well playable. I expected it to be full of bugs, but except for the one I mentioned, I didn't encounter any. The story isn't bad either, even though it should probably be fleshed out a bit.

It uses a lot of new music. I didn't like all the music, but the simple fact that it was new was nice, and some of the music fit the scenario quite well.

As a complete surprise after killing his friends without a second thought, Dank suddenly feels bad about insulting women. I liked that a lot, especially because it was even less likely in this game than in the regular Dink universe.

So what grade to give this? I think it deserves to be compared to D-Mods that are finished, because it is in the same list. Being unfinished therefore costs it some points. If it was finished, I'd give it a 7.5. But it isn't, so now it's a 6.0.