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May 21st, 2006
Score : 5.7 fair
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
Dink has to prove himself to a wizard to see that he can become a true hero, and so he has to complete a maze.

Definately an interesting idea. Kinda like a hamster in a maze but without any cheese to direct it. It must have taken lots of planning to make such a nicely done, big maze. Nice music and nice map. One bad thing that I noticed is that you can walk off the screen with the wizard and go back and listen to his boring speech again. If you do it on accident, just keep hitting the space bar then leave...otherwise, it's pretty good. No side stories or quests; It could have been better with them. Lots of monsters. No real plot, and almost no bugs.

Storyline and Plot: none except you have to go through the maze to become a true hero
MIDI's: Definately a plus in this game, lots of good MIDI's.
Lasting Appeal: It depends how good you are at mazes, but it's good for an hour or so.
Overall: A good demo with few bugs and lots of monsters. Lots to do but not very interesting, but good for a break from doing other stuff. Recommended to people who love mazes.